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29 March 2006


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Hm, I'm just now reading the book Revolution in 2100, and shivers are running down my spine if I look at what the current administration is doing. Let's hope Heinleins version of the future is somewhat extreme, otherwise I must join the cabal.
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David Phillips
Mat The capability for an organisation to both use and show in use the range of communications channels available to its constituency is important. It is important for the Beeb with an additional remit in the world of communication. Our problem for the last three decades is that all to many people in business and politics have eschewed many channels for a range of reasons. How long before MUDS are considered an important commercial technology because of the excitement about Second Life and where Coke already has its own store. It is catch up time for corporations, already large swathes of the public are there ahead of the institutions. As you say, blogs can be used in many ways. I have recently used a blog to provide a series of 'slides ' (posts) in sequence with a podcast for each as a lecture (ePR lecture at http://netpr.blogspot.com). It is an experiment but is using the technologies in a mix and match way in which the messenger is part of the message. It is a long way from: 'Blogging is for amateurs, and provides an easy way for them to put their opinions, however flaky, online.' That this debate is about blogs misses the point. The critical issue is that there are now so many more channels and that people use different channels in different ways, circumstances and contexts.
Damien Dempsey
Hi Matt, An interesting post. I work at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. I manage our local interactive output. Staff working in our local radio area spend most of their time writing features for the sites. Convincing their managers that shifiting focus to faciliting interactive or community contributed content via blogs (and other apps) is no easy task. It's kind of ironic really given they have talkback radio backgrounds - gotta argue talkback radio would seem to predate blogging in the user generated content world! One issue is how we moderate and the prospect of increasing audience and thus increasing moderation workload that outpaces resources growth. I note with interest the New York Times concedes it doesn't check all posts. Our editorial policy precludes this. We have to moderate eveything. We can post-moderate in certain circumstances but we consider ourselves legally (and in terms of our editorial values) responsible for eveything we publish. I'm also interested in the quality arguments. I know this has been a big one a number of orgnisations. I like the way the Guardian has approached this in its "Comment is Free" section. The conceptual separation of news from comment is a good one. A blogger I met recently made the interesting observation that there's no such thing as citizen journalism. He posed the question "would you fly with citizen airline pilot?". His point was to let the professionally trained and experienced ones handle the news - participation needs to happen elsewhere. Anyway, my view about blogging as opposed to other forms of interactivity is that it by nature favours a quality of communication that would normally be consistent with our editorial mandate for quality. Blogs are not the place to flame . What do you reckon about all this? How's it likely to pan out a the BBC? Damien

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